Meta-Physician On Call – Making the Connection Between Mind, Body and Spirit

Our anatomy books are rather specific about the way our bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments are arranged, and same is true with our internal organs. Charting the specific connections between mind, body and spirit are a little trickier.Yes, neuroscientists and neuroradiologists have identified regions in the brain – via PET and SPECT scans — that are involved with mystical and meditative states of consciousness. But this ‘image” on the screen can barely represent the experience itself. Mind, body and spirit connect in a far more subtle but profound interplay. This is not the stuff you find in Grey’s Anatomy.. It is through our intuitive eye that we can perceive the truth of their inter-relationship.The reality of the notion of mind/body/spirit has become a part of our cultural lexicon and, in spiritual and health conscious circles, it is acknowledged as unquestionably true. But how many of us are truly living our lives as if there is a common connection between all aspects of our being? Our awareness of the “potential” for great health and a great life often runs up against the cold reality of day to day living. Many of us find it deeply challenging to ‘stay’ with that consciousness.What happens when you find that your bills are escalating and you don’t have the money to pay them? What happens when your boss insults you in front of others? How do you react to the unconscious driver, cell phone in hand, who just cut you off without even realizing it? How do you respond when your kid is flunking school or your parent is languishing in a nursing home? And how do you feel when you see images of starving babies, people’s whose lives are ravaged by poverty, crime , weather, earth changes or war?The list of things that could easily lead you to greet each day feeling weighed down by the enormity of existence could very possibly overshadow your knowledge, intuitive wisdom, experience and belief in the mind/body/spirit connection.Chaos has a way of making us forget that we have choices and I am certainly no exception. Despite what I consider to be my own significant awareness of the connection between all aspects of my being, there are days when I seem to forget it, or get thrown off balance by any number of chaotic, unconscious, unpleasant experiences. That’s why I believe that all of us need a prescription in place to always remind us that we are spiritual beings in “earth suits” not victims of circumstance or powerless over ‘dis-ease’.As a physician/healer I truly feel a responsibility to raise the awareness of those who enter my examining room and to educate them regarding the interaction of all three aspects of themselves. I regularly address how emotions play a role in their physical symptoms and complaints. I am open to discussing what’s going on in their lives, relationships, work, to help understand the stressors that are affecting them physically.But not everybody gets it. Some are annoyed because they just want me to fix them without their having to do anything. If they acknowledge the contribution of their own thoughts and feelings towards their physical complaints, then they must take an active role in their own healing. This requires effort, introspection, and work. Many are not prepared to do so or simply choose not to. As a physician I am able to offer them my knowledge and experience. As a healer, I can bring a more extensive protocol to the picture. But the ultimate power to heal resides within themselves. Not everyone is ready to own that. But those who are courageous enough to face their feelings and realize they have a choice about how they react will ultimately begin to heal themselves.Dr. Steve’s Prescriptions:1. Research and recognize the reality of the mind/body/spirit connection. It is the first step in permitting oneself to become whole, to heal.2. Observe how our emotional state produces physical symptoms.3. Accept life’s difficulties as a necessary part of our soul’s spiritual journey. What you resist, persists.4. Let other’s help – no one has to suffer alone – and be of help to others.5. Give yourself permission to truly tap into your own innate healing abilities by finding your personal path to wellness.6. Acknowledge that we are all responsible for our own health and allow the mind/body/spirit connection to truly thrive in your life.© Steven E. Hodes, M.D

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